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What Microsoft might bring with its Xbox 720 reveal event

nex gen xbox ban

After Sony firing the first shoot in the next, next gen wars Microsoft has yet to respond with its own event.

But rumors going around the internet say that we will soon see an event in either late March (around the time of GDC) or early April.
Microsoft has even recently acquired the domain name leading to more speculation that an event is coming soon. So based on rumors and just what i know from seeing many of these events over the years, here’s my thoughts (and some wishful thinking) on what Microsoft might bring to the table…


It will all open with what you would expect from any media event, a bunch of boring talk on how great Xbox 360 has been doing, how many systems they have sold world wide, how its been the number one system in north America for the last 27 months in a roll and how great Xbox live is doing. Then they will talk about how far the system has come, and how the kinect extended the life of the system. “But now is time for something new, and here it is” (then Poof we get to see a shiny new Xbox system) “introducing the Xbox infinity the next generation of Xbox”  Then they will show us the new controller with built in touch screen and give the system specs, witch will be just slightly better then the PS4.  “Xbox infinity will be fully backwards. compatible with all Xbox 360 and Xbox arcade games right out of the box and Xbox infinity will not block used games”. Then they will show us Kinect 2.0, (witch will be able to do a lot more exciting stuff, like project the action on your walls). “But we are not done yet introducing the Xbox surface gaming tablet” (witch they will probably reveal at GDC or sometime before hand) with the new Xbox surface you can play all your Xbox infinity games anywhere in your home (because both Nintendo and Sony are doing it so they have to as well).  Now let us show you what the Xbox infinity can do ….


Next they will show us some next generation games that are in development, some tec demos and what the Kinect 2.0 and Xbox Surface can do.

Here is my best guess of what we might see based on rumors, what little info i have acquired and some wishful thinking. In no particular order….


Project Gotham Racing (PGR) 5 (short teaser Video)

Call of Duty: MW4 (Video and will be played live)

Halo 5 (Logo)

Gears of war 4 (Logo)

Killer Instinct (short teaser Video)

Forza 5 (video)

Alan Wake 2 (Video)


Battlefield 4 (video)
madden 14 (Logo only)
Need for Speed (logo only)
fifa 14 (logo only)

Watch Dogs (will be played live on the new Xbox)

Destiny (Video and Exclusive content)

A couple cheesy Kinect 2.0 games (Live play)

Xbox infenity

Coming Holiday 2013, more info to come at E3 in June ….  Then on that Microsoft WINS !!!   LOL  Wishful thinking i know …..


Verizon FiOS streaming TV coming to Xbox 360 with 26 channels for subscribers

Verizon and Microsoft this morning announcing plans to offer cable access to Xbox Live Gold members who also pay for Verizon’s FiOS TV and internet service plans. If you pay for a subscription to Xbox Live, and pay for a cable TV subscription, and pay for a cable internet connection, then you can watch 26 of your Verizon FiOS channels on an Xbox 360.

Additionally, Kinect “voice and gesture commands” functionality will come with the service.
And New FiOS customers can take advantage of an initial promo lasting until January 21 that discounts Verizon’s “Triple Play” internet/TV/phone to $89.99 a month (at least for the first two years), and includes both a free 12-month XBL Gold membership and a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Comcast and HBO are also signed on for as yet unspecified streaming deals with Microsoft. A Bloomberg report from earlier this year indicated that even more content providers had signed on, though Microsoft has only confirmed a handful of said providers thus far.

Microsoft acquires VideoSurf

Microsoft announced this week the acquisition of “video discovery technology company” VideoSurf.
VideoSurf is a video discovery technology and how will it “enhance” Xbox Live?
“This holiday we will launch voice search across our entertainment partners on Xbox LIVE,”
Microsoft’s Alex Garden said in a press release. “Over time, as we integrate VideoSurf’s technology into our system, we are excited about the potential to have content tagged in real time to increase the speed and relevance of the search results.” VideoSurf’s back-end technology “‘sees’ frames inside videos,” an ability that Microsoft appears to want to couple with the integrated Bing voice search coming to Xbox 360.

Apple founder Steve Jobs passes away at 56

Sadly, one of the greats of our time and a revolutionary of this technological world, Steve Jobs has passed away today. Apple sent out the following press release to confirm what the public was not looking forward to hearing:

“We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.

Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.”

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. Here at Green Circle Gaming, we will remember your contributions for a very long time to come. Thank you for the foundation that you laid before us, and to the bright future that is still ahead because of your work.

Sundance short films coming to Video Marketplace

If you’d like to give your Xbox 360 some culture, you may be interested to know that the Sundance Institute will be releasing 45 of the short films from this year’s Sundance Film Festival on the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. The films are to go on sale Friday, January 18 for the attractive price of 160 Microsoft Points (about $2) each. Keep in mind that these are being offered as permanent downloads, not rentals. Not only do you films at a super low price, but you get to show your significant other (or would be significant other) that you really care about the arts. Not bad.

Films available on Video Marketplace:

The Apology Line
, United Kingdom (Director: James Lees) – Based on the creation of a real-life ‘apology line’ where members of the public anonymously confess to absolutely anything over the telephone.

August 15
, China (Director: Xuan Jiang) – Based on a real life event, a young Chinese woman boards a bus with her boyfriend to head home to meet his parents. What was supposed to be a joyful holiday turns unpredictable when a pair of countryside crooks hijack their bus. Traveling through China’s dangerous mountain passes, the passengers must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for their own safety.

Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People
(Director: Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung) – Employing images from popular culture, political figures and Internet imagery, this piece adopts viral advertising in a reduction of contemporary events to a cartoon-like mythology while touching on issues such as identity politics, US Foreign policy, sexuality and power.

, Italy (Director: Andrea Fasciani) – In this post-modern tale, Ralph is a guy whose voice only generates weird sounds, and Anna is deaf. One day they meet in the elevator. Ralph’s unusual voice makes Anna’s body vibrate, prompting Anna’s affections and her desire to follow him everywhere.

By Modern Measure
(Director: Matthew Lessner) – As part of an ongoing, unaired TV series, an amateur French sociologist presents his observations on a day in the life of two young Americans who meet by chance outside a Taco Bell on October 8, 2006.

, United Kingdom (Director: Tom Harper; Screenwriter: Fiona Kissane) – A class of teenage schoolboys are oblivious to their teacher’s attempts to question them about the wider world. They are about to get a lesson they will never forget…one that will change their lives forever.

(Director: Carson Mell) – Wilted rock idol Bobby Bird literally tries to buy a friend when he adopts a monkey from a zoo in South America.
Crossbow, Australia (Director: David Michôd) – A kid. His Mum and Dad. The sex and drugs. And the boy next door who watched the whole thing unravel.

The Deep
(Director: Alex Haworth) – A journey unravels through the thoughts of a solitary character in the heart of a future dystopia. As he journeys deep underground, he tends to the machines that fuel the surface city. His jobs are precise, almost compulsive, and he is unable to stop.

Dog Lovers
(Director: Danny Roew, Screenwriters: Tonya Cornelisse, Graham Sibley) – Two potential lovers meet to talk about their affection for dogs.
Dugong, Australia (Director: Erin White) – In an effort to repair the past, a loner returns home with his dog on the day of his brother’s wedding, but learns that in order to make amends he must leave a piece of himself behind.

The Execution of Solomon Harris
(Directors: Wyatt Garfield, Ed Yonaitis; Screenwriter: Ed Yonaitis) – An electric chair execution fails, delivering a non-lethal jolt of electricity that leaves the prisoner screaming in pain. Protocol and routine fail to provide a resolution, and the warden has to cope with the human dilemma that falls into his hands.

Farewell Packets of Ten
, Ireland (Director: Ken Wardrop) – Two ladies discuss the pros and cons of their mutual addiction to cigarettes.

FCU: Fact Checkers Unit
(Director: Dan Beers; Screenwriters: Dan Beers, Peter Karinen, Brian Sacca) – After being assigned to check a bizarre fact about Bill Murray’s love for drinking milk, two magazine fact checkers break into Bill’s house to spy on him. Cast: Bill Murray

The Funeral
, Canada (Director: Sara St. Onge) – A dark comedy about a young woman in her early hirties becomes aware of her own mortality and reacts by meticulously planning her own funeral. Possibly due to a lack of other big days in her life so far, such as a wedding, this becomes her moment to shine.

Gas Zappers
(Director: Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung) – A short animation about climate change, where an ironically over-appropriated and fuzzy polar bear, abruptly finds itself in a position to save its home.

The History of America
(Director: MK12) – A psychedelic western space opera.

I Have Seen the Future
, Canada (Director: Cam Christiansen; Screenwriter: Kris Demeanor) – A suburban boy competes in a tennis match with his father in the suburbs of Calgary when three young men approach and start to rudely accost them.

I Love Sarah Jane
, Australia (Director: Spencer Susser) – Jimbo is 13 and can think of only one girl – Sarah Jane. And no matter what stands in his way – bullies, violence, chaos, or zombies – nothing will stop him from finding a way into her world.

(Director: Shawn Bannon) – The 2007 fires of Griffith Park. Shot with seven time-lapse cameras. An experimental perspective that is beautiful, eerie, and captivating.

Lloyd Neck
(Director: Benedict Campbell) – Alex has a crush on her brother’s friend, Jesse. But Jesse likes Alex’s brother, Taylor. Alex knows something is up with her brother. Caught in an awkward position, Taylor takes Alex and Jesse to his favorite spot.

The Loss of a Wrestling Match
(Director: Jed Cowley) – So far in the season, Don has a 9-0 record. He is perfect, but in the upcoming duel he has to wrestle a higher-ranked opponent.

Madame Tulti-Pulti
, Canada (Directors: Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski) – Madame Tutli-Putli boards the night train, weighed down with all her earthly possessions and the ghosts of her past. As day descends into dark, she finds herself caught up in a desperate metaphysical adventure adrift between real and imagined worlds.

(Director: Myna Joseph) – Maggie and her sister form an unusual bond during an encounter with a young man.

The Mark
(Director: Thomas Barndt) – A lawyer rents a room to a human lightning bolt.

Motion Studios: Inertia
(Director: Jake Mahaffy) – This film documents a motion study of a man running as hard and as long as he can in a full suit of smithied High Middle Age armor.

Nikamowin (Song)
, Canada (Director: Kevin Lee Burton) – Deconstructing and reconstructing Cree narrative, this film experiments with language to create a linguistic soundscape.

Number One
(Director: Leighton Pierce) – Water imagery engages the experience of elasticity between varying states of mind.

Oiran Lyrics
, Japan (Director: Ryosuke Ogawa) – A historical musical about the glamorous yet plaintive life of Kiyomi, a beautiful oiran or high-class Japanese courtesan.

On the Assassination of the President
(Director: Adam Keker) – A top-secret government file, only to be viewed in the event of the President’s death by assassination, gives specific instructions on what should be done, and presents dossiers on the three most likely suspects.

, France (Director: Yi Zhou) – A lyrical look at an imaginary paradise based on black and white nature and insects – with no humans, no souls in the landscape. Based on “The Divine Comedy ” by Dante.

(Director: Dee Rees) – A Bronx lesbian teenager juggles multiple identities to avoid rejection from friends and family, but pressures from home, school, and within corrode the line between her dual personas with an explosive consequence.

please stand back! (zurrueckbleiben bitte)
, Austria (Directors: stadtmusik) – The directorial collective, stadtmusik, deals with sounds in cities by analyzing sound structures that are triggered by urban buildings and facilities. They focus on the aspect of movement in the city, reinforcing a dynamic experience of the urban soundscape.

The Rambler
(Director: Calvin Reeder) – A stranger takes to the lonely highway with his guitar and traveling sack.

A Relationship in Four Days
(Director: Peter Glanz) – Coming from a wealthy family, Paul recently turned 30 and has never had, or needed a real job. Lost in his own imagination, he often preaches his grand ideas, but in reality never does much … until he meets Sabine.

, Ireland (Director: Ken Wardrop) – A young man explains the true power of a kiss.
The Second Line (Director: John Magary) – After MacArthur’s savings are stolen from his FEMA trailer, he and his cousin Natt take work gutting a house.

Sick Sex
(Director: Justin Nowell) – Amanda has a fever. Ken is horny.

, Canada (Director: Julia Kwan) – A subtle look at the fractures that bond a Chinese immigrant family on the day they use their cut-out Sears coupon for a free family portrait.

, United Kingdom (Director: Simon Ellis) – A father rediscovers his fear of confrontation at the worst possible time.

The Sound of People
, Ireland (Director: Simon Fitzmaurice) – An 18- year-old boy stands in a moment on the brink of death.

, Australia (Director: Nash Edgerton) – It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Teat Beat of Sex
(Director: Signe Baumane) – A take on sex exclusively from a woman’s point of view.

Untitled #1
(from the series Earth People 2507) (Director: Nao Bustamante) – An enchanting meditation on an ancient species from the future using found footage, cell phone video, and crude chroma key effects to create a coherent and petite spell. The rendition of buffalos made from a “herd” of toy poodles tweaks at our understanding of the symbolic world.

Wind, Ten Years Old (Baad, Dah Saleh)
, Iran (Director: M. Mehr) – A day in the life of a 10- year-old Iranian girl highlights the Iran-Iraq war and the national/educational propaganda that informs the tumult, fear, infatuation, and mindset of a generation.


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