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What Microsoft might bring with its Xbox 720 reveal event

nex gen xbox ban

After Sony firing the first shoot in the next, next gen wars Microsoft has yet to respond with its own event.

But rumors going around the internet say that we will soon see an event in either late March (around the time of GDC) or early April.
Microsoft has even recently acquired the domain name leading to more speculation that an event is coming soon. So based on rumors and just what i know from seeing many of these events over the years, here’s my thoughts (and some wishful thinking) on what Microsoft might bring to the table…


It will all open with what you would expect from any media event, a bunch of boring talk on how great Xbox 360 has been doing, how many systems they have sold world wide, how its been the number one system in north America for the last 27 months in a roll and how great Xbox live is doing. Then they will talk about how far the system has come, and how the kinect extended the life of the system. “But now is time for something new, and here it is” (then Poof we get to see a shiny new Xbox system) “introducing the Xbox infinity the next generation of Xbox”  Then they will show us the new controller with built in touch screen and give the system specs, witch will be just slightly better then the PS4.  “Xbox infinity will be fully backwards. compatible with all Xbox 360 and Xbox arcade games right out of the box and Xbox infinity will not block used games”. Then they will show us Kinect 2.0, (witch will be able to do a lot more exciting stuff, like project the action on your walls). “But we are not done yet introducing the Xbox surface gaming tablet” (witch they will probably reveal at GDC or sometime before hand) with the new Xbox surface you can play all your Xbox infinity games anywhere in your home (because both Nintendo and Sony are doing it so they have to as well).  Now let us show you what the Xbox infinity can do ….


Next they will show us some next generation games that are in development, some tec demos and what the Kinect 2.0 and Xbox Surface can do.

Here is my best guess of what we might see based on rumors, what little info i have acquired and some wishful thinking. In no particular order….


Project Gotham Racing (PGR) 5 (short teaser Video)

Call of Duty: MW4 (Video and will be played live)

Halo 5 (Logo)

Gears of war 4 (Logo)

Killer Instinct (short teaser Video)

Forza 5 (video)

Alan Wake 2 (Video)


Battlefield 4 (video)
madden 14 (Logo only)
Need for Speed (logo only)
fifa 14 (logo only)

Watch Dogs (will be played live on the new Xbox)

Destiny (Video and Exclusive content)

A couple cheesy Kinect 2.0 games (Live play)

Xbox infenity

Coming Holiday 2013, more info to come at E3 in June ….  Then on that Microsoft WINS !!!   LOL  Wishful thinking i know …..


Rumor: Next Xbox

Microsoft maybe targeting a Christmas 2013 release for the Xbox 720 (or what ever it will be called), with a reveal to occur at E3 2013, according to a number of industry sources.

Industry site Develop claims that Microsoft already has several next generation projects underway including the next Fable game, code-named ”Fable Next.”

“Multiple sources across the industry, from processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms, have told Develop they expect the console to be fully unveiled at E3 2013, months before its release. The collection of data points to a 2013 launch for the system across all main regions, though early 2014 remains a possibility,” says the site.

Rumor: Is Microsoft going to announce Xbox 720 soon ?

Some of you may have seen the TV spots for the new movie called “Real Steel”. Well while watching the trailer a few eagle eyed people spotted a logo for the Xbox 720, a yet to be announced system. I know what most people are thinking, “Well the movie is set in the future”. While that may be true the other logos are still relevant today and it seems a bit odd to have an Xbox 720 logo there to advertise a product that hasn’t even been formally announced yet.

the image from above is around the 0:46 mark.

Rumor: Gears of War 3 Demo Coming soon ?

PEGI revealed that an item called Gears of War 3: Demo has been awarded an 18+ rating. The demo descriptions says that it “allows the player to interact with other players online,” so this may suggest that there will be a multiplayer element to the demo and not just a section of the campaign. Little else is known about the demo at this time but expect it to be releasing quite soon.

Rumor: PayPal memo says November 15th for the Xbox dash update

Kotaku reports that a leaked internal memo from PayPal lists November 15th as the date of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update.

Reportedly, PayPal employees have been asked to test the new system, likely as it relates to payment options. PayPal support was added in the last Dashboard update, in the spring.

Rumor: Dead Space 3 plot details

According to purported plot details published by Siliconera,

“”Electronic Arts is developing a new Dead Space game. No surprise there, but it doesn’t take place on a spaceship. Dead Space 3 is set on Tau Volantis, an icy planet where Isaac Clarke has to wade through white-out blizzard conditions.

Early in Dead Space 3, Isaac crash lands on the planet. He believes he may be the only survivor and makes his way to an abandoned waystation, which he uses for shelter from the snowstorm. There he finds a survivor who is severely injured. Isaac speaks to the near dead comrade who reveals there are other survivors that trekked off to another facility. One of them is Ellie, a key character from the original Dead Space game. Isaac grabs a snowsuit and heads into the blizzard.

Later in the game, Isaac reunites with Ellie and a new character named Jennifer. The trio scale a mountain, but Jennifer is reluctant to do so. She’s a tech type excited over finding a codex and plans to reverse engineer research by a group called Rosetta to gain access to it. As they climb up the mountain, they hear a howl from below, but cannot spot what kind of creature made the sound.

The enemies in Dead Space 3 are being referred to as “the hive mind.”

This news comes from our mole that sent us details about Electronic Arts’ Syndicate reboot a few months early (stories: here and here). Pictures are from previous Dead Space games.””

The change of location (if accurately reported) sounds a lot like Lost Planet, though we won’t hear more until EA decides to announce Dead Space 3 officially. Last we heard, Dead Space 2 had shipped over 2 million copies — enough to be deemed one of EA’s “strong, growing franchises.”

Rumor: DMC4 demo releasing January 31st

Over on both and (two official DMC4 websites) IGN spotted a placeholder graphic for a DMC4 downloadable widget that lists a specific release date for the demo. The placeholder graphic states that the DMC4 online demo will be released to the XBLM on January 31st. Plain as English, simple as black and white. The only question mark here is the fact that this is simply a placeholder graphic for the widget and when the widget is downloaded, it makes no mention of the demo’s release date. So, either we have confirmation of a January 31st release or a graphic artist just made up some news and random dates for a website graphic. Puzzling stuff.

[Via IGN]

Old school Bionic Commando headed to XBLA

It seems the latest issue of Famitsu (according to IGN) has confirmed that a remake of the original Bionic Commando is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade. Entitled Bionic Commando: Master D Revival Plan, the game will feature 3D graphics but retain the classic feel. In other words it sounds like the game will utilize 3D characters and background, but restrict gameplay to 2D, much like the Prince of Persia remake already available on XBLA. The game is also expected to include a co-op mode and will include new areas. There are plans to tie the Xbox Live Arcade remake in with the upcoming retail title as well. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean Capcom will be soiling our 2D memories with dreadlocks. The remake is scheduled to arrive this spring in Japan.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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