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What Microsoft might bring with its Xbox 720 reveal event

nex gen xbox ban

After Sony firing the first shoot in the next, next gen wars Microsoft has yet to respond with its own event.

But rumors going around the internet say that we will soon see an event in either late March (around the time of GDC) or early April.
Microsoft has even recently acquired the domain name leading to more speculation that an event is coming soon. So based on rumors and just what i know from seeing many of these events over the years, here’s my thoughts (and some wishful thinking) on what Microsoft might bring to the table…


It will all open with what you would expect from any media event, a bunch of boring talk on how great Xbox 360 has been doing, how many systems they have sold world wide, how its been the number one system in north America for the last 27 months in a roll and how great Xbox live is doing. Then they will talk about how far the system has come, and how the kinect extended the life of the system. “But now is time for something new, and here it is” (then Poof we get to see a shiny new Xbox system) “introducing the Xbox infinity the next generation of Xbox”  Then they will show us the new controller with built in touch screen and give the system specs, witch will be just slightly better then the PS4.  “Xbox infinity will be fully backwards. compatible with all Xbox 360 and Xbox arcade games right out of the box and Xbox infinity will not block used games”. Then they will show us Kinect 2.0, (witch will be able to do a lot more exciting stuff, like project the action on your walls). “But we are not done yet introducing the Xbox surface gaming tablet” (witch they will probably reveal at GDC or sometime before hand) with the new Xbox surface you can play all your Xbox infinity games anywhere in your home (because both Nintendo and Sony are doing it so they have to as well).  Now let us show you what the Xbox infinity can do ….


Next they will show us some next generation games that are in development, some tec demos and what the Kinect 2.0 and Xbox Surface can do.

Here is my best guess of what we might see based on rumors, what little info i have acquired and some wishful thinking. In no particular order….


Project Gotham Racing (PGR) 5 (short teaser Video)

Call of Duty: MW4 (Video and will be played live)

Halo 5 (Logo)

Gears of war 4 (Logo)

Killer Instinct (short teaser Video)

Forza 5 (video)

Alan Wake 2 (Video)


Battlefield 4 (video)
madden 14 (Logo only)
Need for Speed (logo only)
fifa 14 (logo only)

Watch Dogs (will be played live on the new Xbox)

Destiny (Video and Exclusive content)

A couple cheesy Kinect 2.0 games (Live play)

Xbox infenity

Coming Holiday 2013, more info to come at E3 in June ….  Then on that Microsoft WINS !!!   LOL  Wishful thinking i know …..


Kinect for Windows uses a new Kinect camera

Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows program doesn’t just involve new firmware for PCs. There will be a new version of the Kinect hardware designed for Windows, with “improvements” like a shorter USB cable (“to ensure reliability across a broad range of computers”) and a smaller USB dongle to better share space.

The firmware includes support for a new “Near Mode,” designed to see objects as close as 50 centimeters away from the camera (“with graceful degradation down to 40 centimeters,” Windows Kinect GM Craig Eisler notes). It makes sense for a device you would use while sitting at the computer.

In advance of the Kinect for Windows launch (early 2012), Microsoft has launched the “Kinect Accelerator” program, which will give $20,000 each to ten startups using Kinect, along with Microsoft development tools, “marketing visibility” and mentoring.


Xbox 360 Dashboard update coming December 6th

While many of you have been involved in the Xbox LIVE Preview Program and have been busy getting an early look at the next Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE features, I wanted to let you know that the official release for the update for all Xbox LIVE members will be Tuesday, December 6th.  In this update, free to all console owners,  you will see:

  • New personal and social features including Cloud Storage for Game Saves and LIVE Profile
  • Beacons and Facebook Sharing
  • Enhanced Family Settings
  • Integrated voice and gesture controls across the dashboard and in apps
  • Bing voice search (Available this year in the US, UK and CA)

In addition to all these great dashboard features, starting on December 6th and continuing on an ongoing basis through the holiday months, a wealth of new content will be coming to Xbox 360. New, customized applications for television, movies, internet videos, sports and music will begin rolling out from world-leading providers in more than 20 countries.


Halo Waypoint Update Coming adding multiplayer GPS game to WP7

If the Kinect reveal for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary wasn’t enough, 343 Industries also targeted fans with some new Halo Waypoint functionality at this weekend’s Comic Con. The downloadable app is getting real-time GPS tracking of multiplayer games via a new service called “Atlas.” Yes, seriously — while you’re playing a multiplayer game of Halo: Reach, you can use Waypoint’s GPS feature via Windows Phone 7 or the web (and other “mobiles,” we’re told) to watch troop movements from above.

The updated version of Waypoint also adds the ability to send challenges to friends, similar to the weekly ones set originally via Bungie and now via 343 Industries within Reach multiplayer. 343 reps explained that you’ll earn in-game credits for completing these challenges based on the difficulty of said tasks, but didn’t dive too deeply into how it will all work exactly.

We’ll find out soon enough, as the update to Waypoint launches alongside Halo Anniversary on November 15.


Dance Central 2 Demo

Content: Dance Central 2 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Get ready for the sequel to the best-selling dance game for Kinect™ for Xbox 360®! Featuring another killer soundtrack, new simultaneous multiplayer and all-new dance crews, Dance Central™ 2 is sure to get your party started!

Add the free demo to your Xbox LIVE download queue

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Halo Anniversary Kinect functions reveled

Yes, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is getting Kinect functionality, but you knew that already. Despite a bit of news escaping Tokyo Game Show earlier this year about what the functionality entails, we were promised a fuller reveal “this October.” And here we are: 343 Industries reps told Halo panel attendees at the NY Comic Con that the game will include a variety of new Kinect features, such as analyzing world items.

When in Anniversary mode, players can use Kinect voice commands to “Analyze” various enemies, which will then add said enemies into a readable in-game database. What’s more, you can also shout “grenade!” and, well, Master Chief will throw a grenade. “Reload weapon!” Reloads your weapon Ect. Note: Analyze Mode is only available with Kinect, 343 says, and won’t work if you’ve only got a controller.

Kinect Sports: Season Two, Demo

Content: Kinect Sports: Season Two
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: “Kinect Sports: Season Two” sprints out of the box at full speed, taking full advantage of the revolutionary Kinect technology and its latest exciting features like in-game voice commands and enhanced motion tracking. Bringing the family together, and introducing Challenge Play to Xbox LIVE and living rooms worldwide, “Kinect Sports: Season Two” harnesses the power of friendly competition to provide a more immersive experience for everyone from casual players to top-notch athletes and hardcore sports fans.

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Forza 4 demo coming October 3rd

The Forza 4 demo will release October 3rd on the Xbox Live Marketplace, with the full game landing just a week later. No details were given in regards to what will be included in the demo.

Hopefully there will be a chance to try out the game’s Autovista Kinect mode in the demo?

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