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Jump Start for Katy Boyd aka bunnyXablaze

Katy Boyd, or known to gamers as bunnyXablaze, 2012 Frag Doll Cadette, GCON Staff Member, animal lover, and all around AMAZING lady in our industry, has suffered the loss of her home due to a house fire upon returning from her trip to Boston while attending PAX East this weekend.

Katy has lost everything including all of her gaming equipment, clothes, and even her cell phone. Gamers, geekers, and nerds have always proven their ability to stand up and support each other in need.

Please join Konas Korner, EPIC, Astro, The Frag Dolls, Twitch.TV, Project Gaems, Beyond Gaming, HypeFestation , Gunnar Optiks, and GCON as we broadcast LIVE to raise funds so that Katy may begin to rebuild her life once again.

This Saturday, April 14, 2012, at 12 noon CST to midnight, we will have prizes and giveaways, but most importantly will have communities come together in support of one of our own. Even former Pro Player Hastr0 (Mike Rufail) will be lending a hand as he will be auctioning off an hour of game play and tips on Xbox, for starters! Tune in at

For more info please go to

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